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News And Question Time – Summer Rookies

It’s the off season! I don’t know who allowed summer footy to stop, but alas we’re going through the offseason as we cover this week’s news and your questions, including;

  • Signing news including Burton to the Bulldogs
  • Origin back to mid year
  • Is Joseph Suallii’s end goal to become the most hyped and also most hated rookie in NRL history from carrying on like a pork chop?
  • Is there anything to look forward to for the Dragons next year or am I better off doing literally anything else with my time when they play?
  • Instead of making bad & dumb recruitment & retention decisions, why don’t the Cowboys make good & smart ones?
  • Random off top summer chats

This, and covering much much more that you asked us, in this week’s Boom Rookies podcast.

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News And Question Time – Summer Rookies