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SLP E289 Movid

Another busy week in Rugby League. The the Awards & Man of Steel were announced just before we recorded, with of course our focus being on Fred’s artwork. There’s so much going on in the news that the obligatory Tim referee fight chat was easy to fit in. In the match reviews, we discuss teams who got their intensity right and teams who got it way off. We then make our guesses and reveal your poll results as we preview the Super League Grand Final. We finish with a Dream Team history lesson in the quiz. Before more slipper talk.

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Episode running order:
Super League Awards recap, from 04:00
News, from 27:45
Super League match reviews, from 79:45
Other results, from 117:00
Previews & Predictions, from 125:45
Quiz & Recommendations, from 138:00

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SLP E289 Movid