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News – Kearney Once Were Warrior(s)

We’re back, with some eyes up Podcasting as the boys suffered a late technological crisis, forcing us to huddle around one computer like the good ol’ days (like when your dad podcasted, just let the laptop flow), and hit record on some low quality audio, but high quality takes.

In this episode of Boom Rookies, Mitch, Dale and Matt discuss Rugby League’s latest news, and some talking points from the last week of Rugby League.

News covered this week includes;

  • Stephen Kearney’s sacking
  • Paul Green’s non-sacking
  • Wayne Bennett’s Latrell Defence
  • Matt Dufty’s form turnaround
  • James Gaham’s potential homecoming

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Source: Rugby League Podcasting Network
News – Kearney Once Were Warrior(s)

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