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Weekly Wrap – Wayne’s World 2, Smugard Boogaloo

We’re here with another Weekly Wrap, as Mitch and Bungard discuss the first week of the finals and nothing else!

Featuring in this week’s episode;

  • Dean Rob drops in for his first edition of “We Was Robbed” to discuss the end of the Knights game
  • Moses leads Parramatta to week 2
  • Storm send Manly to the shadow realm
  • Souths pull off their best win in years, subsequently Matthew Bungard’s pull off his best in years
  • Wayne puts Ivan in his place
  • What was Ivan’s point?
  • The Titans gonna Titan, a lot, as Roosters hold on to win

And much, much more.

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Weekly Wrap – Wayne’s World 2, Smugard Boogaloo