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Question Time – “Is This Something About The Raiders?”

New year, same us! Question Time is back again.

This week, we answer all your Patron questions and most of your Twitter ones as we cover;

  • Considering recent decisions, are the Warriors or Dragons in worse shape? Are there other contenders for the spoon?
  • What’s your favourite “balloons” moment and are there any new ones to keep an eye out for this season?
  • You can have the experience of performing one song live in front of a sold out crowd as the person who sings it. Who are you and what song are you playing?
  • Where does the Dragons pre-season rank in terms of worst pre-seasons of all time?
  • Which 2020 bottom 4 side will improve their ladder position the most in 2021?

And much more!

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Source: Rugby League Podcasting Network
Question Time – “Is This Something About The Raiders?”