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NFL Boom Rookies – Robot Extremities ft. @jwyeNFL

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Well you asked for it once, so now you’ve got it twice!

This week, Doyle and Bungard are joined by Josh Wye (@jwyeNFL) from the Punt Return Podcast (@PuntReturnPod) to bring you the SECONDepisode of NFL Boom Rookies.

As the NFL play offs continue and the NRL off season rolls on, the boys are here to discuss all things NFL and your fan questions including;

  • Reviews of the Wild Card Round, inc. Wye’s Colts elimination and Bungard’s Ravens rolling on
  • Previews of this week’s Divisional Round
  • Mike Vrabel and Mike Tomlin coward-punts
  • What’s next for the Eagles? And the Colts?
  • The Texans being run by a pastor
  • All your Patron questions and most of your Twitter questions

And much more!

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Source: Rugby League Podcasting Network
NFL Boom Rookies – Robot Extremities ft. @jwyeNFL

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