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174: Forty20 NOT LIVE: 21st December 2020

We’re ending the year with another pair of guests to talk some Rugby League.


First up, Dave Musson from the Bear Necessities podcast, and author of the updated book Forward joins us to talk about life in League One with the Coventry Bears, as they look forward to getting back on the pitch after a very short 2020 season.


Then, Forty20’s Editor-at-large Tony Hannan makes his debut on the show, showing there’s no room for nepotism on this programme.


He’s got a book out as well, The Wicket Men, and we look back on the formation of the magazine, why it’s still here, and what Eddie Waring would make of the sport today.


As we say on the show, we appreciate everyone who has read the magazine, watched our shows and listened to our podcasts this year. We hope we have given you some escapism, as it has for us.




2020. It’s been a year, hasn’t it? One none of us will forget, good and bad. We’ve all adapted, we’ve all changed, and, we’ll celebrate those who remain, and those we have lost.


Stay safe, we’ll see you again in 2021.

Source: Rugby League Podcasting Network
174: Forty20 NOT LIVE: 21st December 2020