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SLP E271 It’s A Mess

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Mark and Sarah are here with your snap fan reactions to the big news that Toronto have withdrawn from the 2020 Super League season. We also cover the fate of the Championship & League 1 campaigns, the return of the Challenge Cup and much, much more! We’ve got NRL Brit watch stats and fan reviews too.
We have to be honest, it’s a tough listen for Wolfpack fans, who really are the victims in all this mess. We hope a quiz covering some of your past players helps brighten the mood somewhat and we hope you can stick out this tough time for your club too.

Episode running order:
Toronto News, from 05:15
Other News, from 68:15
Match reviews, from 95:00
Quiz, from 110:00
Recommendations, from 124:15

Source: Rugby League Podcasting Network
SLP E271 It’s A Mess

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