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The Top Five Rugby League Players In The World

Selecting the top five Rugby League players in the world at any one time can be a difficult task. It can change a lot based on form, injuries, and the pack of players behind the games elite all striving to improve their games and crack the list.

Sometimes players rise and fall on which teams they are playing against. When you put in your Betting Tips you weight up the different teams, their styles of player, and how they will look to counter the best players in the other team, it can have a big impact on how the games best players effect the result.

The very best, the elite players in our games….well, they are almost unstoppable.

Here are the top five players in Rugby League.

1. Jason Taumalolo
One of the games all time great, Taumalolo is dominating in the middle of the field during an era of great forward depth in the game. He has been breaking records in 2020 for the most meters made by a forward, and he is only just coming into his prime!

The Cowboys are a completely different team when he is out of the side. His side and strength is incredible, but its his footwork that makes him completely unstoppable.

Throw in the fact he already has a Premiership victory, and he is the key player in a Tongan team that beat the World Champion Kangaroos last spring, and you have the best player in the world.

2. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
It is difficult watching RTS playing is a team that has struggled for so long, but the fact he can stay this high on a list of the games best players says a lot about the quality of play he shows week in, week out.

His size, speed and strength allows him to dominate the game no matter what his team mates are playing line, and there are times when he just can not be stopped in attack.

His defence is rock solid and you just get the feeling that if he were in a better team people would not stop talking about how he regularly dominates games.

3. James Tedesco
A two time Premiership winner, Australia’s best player, and possibly the most dangerous attacking player in the game today, Tedesco just keeps on getting better and better.

His performances for NSW at State Of Origin level stamp him as one of the games elite, with his ability to come into the backline on sweeping try scoring plays simply second to none!

4. Jack Wighton
The former fullback took some time to adjust to his move into the halves, but with his size and strength, Wighton has become an absolute beast when running the ball and was a big factor in the Canberra Raiders making the 2019 NRL Grand Final.

He managed to win the Clive Churchill Medal in a losing team, something that rarely happens, and he looks even better again this year.

5. Cameron Smith
He has played more first grade games than any other player in Australian Rugby League history, yet here he is still showing he is the best hooker in the game and the key player in the Melbourne Storm lineup.

The crazy thing about Cameron Smith is that he just doesn’t look like he is slowing down at all. In attack and defence he is still outstanding, his kicking game is as good as most halfbacks, and his game management, his service out of dummy half, his on field leadership, it is all the best in the game.

Source: Rugby League Podcasting Network
The Top Five Rugby League Players In The World

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