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Question Time – The Return of the Little Man

It’s time for another Question Time podcast.

In this episode, Mitch, Dale and Matt continue their Question Time duties, as The Rookies answer your Patreon and Twitter fan questions, covering a wide array of topics including;

  • Should ‘we don’t have the money to pay someone out’ ever be a fair and reasonable excuse to keep a coach at a club far longer than they should be?
  • Is the Darren Lockyer Ben Hunt story the greatest love story since Twilight?
  • Having held the attacking powerhouses that are the Titans, Bulldogs and Broncos to a total of 14 points, should Eels fans book grand final tickets?
  • Did Link continue the time honoured Bungared family tradition of leaving early?
  • If a new fan from, say America, was showing interest in watching our sport; would you a) encourage them to get into it or b) scream at them for calling it ‘Rugby’ instead of ‘Rugby League’?

This, and covering much much more that you asked us, in this week’s Question Time Boom Rookies podcast.

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Question Time – The Return of the Little Man

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