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The Rugby coach Steve Anderson served a terrific apprenticeship in the heartland of Queensland Rugby League, before an incredible coaching journey took him to the newly-formed team, the Western Reds. With the Super League war in full swing, Steve would then help create the Melbourne Storm. After the Storm made history by winning their first grand final, Steve would go one step further and become assistant coach during the Australian Kangaroos’ victory at the 2000 World Cup. But during celebratory drinks, Steve would accept an offer to join the staff at Leeds. And then in 2001, he was appointed Head Coach of the Warrington Wolves. When Steve arrived at the Wire it seemed the perfect match. But what went wrong? Why did he last only 14 games in charge? And were the Wolves only a week away from Moran’s first big cheque buying an Australian test centre? What would Brian Bevan say podcast, in conversation with Steve, unravels the myths to find the truth. Did he really stand a chance with a poorly ventilated en suite toilet, a fancy leisure club, a hostile local press, a drinking culture, and a group of players who were not willing to buy in, against a board of directors looking to buy out? In an open and honest interview, Steve is the first to admit where he went wrong. But nearly 20 years on, is the truth actually that the  Ando RL methodology was too forward-thinking for Wilderspool, and would it all have been different had he taken the reins at the HJ? The interview will open your eyes. Enjoy.

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Source: Rugby League Podcasting Network

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