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Question Time – Ana Bolic

It’s time for another Question Time podcast.

In this episode, Mitch, Dale and Matt continue their Question Time duties, as The Rookies answer your Patreon and Twitter fan questions, covering a wide array of topics including;

  • Are “footy players were better back in the 80s” people rugby league flat earthers?
  • What are some of the differences between sports media access in Aus & US/UK?
  • If we had personalised numbered jerseys, which NRL player would want to be “the guy” to get 23?
  • Does PED abuse explain why Bronson Xerri’s eyes are so close together?
  • With the NBA going to play the rest of their season at Disneyworld, what Aussie theme park or tourist park would best suit a Rugba League lockdown comp?

This, and covering much much more that you asked us, in this week’s Question Time Boom Rookies podcast.

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Question Time – Ana Bolic

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