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66: 66. Hanging with the Perezident

This week on Chasing Kangaroos – An international rugby league podcast: Episode 66 – Hanging with the Perezident

Ottawa Aces founder, Eric Perez joins Carbs to answer your questions. Will there be pathways in place for Canadian born players? Will the Aces have a working relationship with the Wolfpack? How have things changed for Rugby League in Canada since Eric started Canadian RL in 2010? What would he do if he was in charge of international rugby league? These questions answered and more. Plus Phill Browne from MascordBrownz joins the pod to give away some merchandise in the lasted round of #askmascordbrownz.

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Chasing Kangaroos is mixed and recorded by Paul Murchison. Enjoy the show.

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66: 66. Hanging with the Perezident