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60: 60. World Cup 1954

This week on Chasing Kangaroos – An International Rugby League Podcast: Episode 60 – World Cup 1954

Rugby League historian, Andrew Ferguson, joins Big T to discuss the first ever world cup in either rugby code. Andrew reveals the differences between 1954 and RLWC2021, how important France was to the world cup concept, how the USA nearly took part, and he tells us who he thinks is the best Australian player of all time (and it’s not who you expect).

Plus, Phil Brown from Mascord Brownz joins Carbs to announce the winner of a Nicaragua rugby league jersey as part of the first ever #askmascordbrownz competition.

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Chasing Kangaroos is mixed and recorded by Paul Murchison. Enjoy the show.

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60: 60. World Cup 1954