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'Worries' in Queensland | Cronk, Joey and Tommy's greatness | Matty's problem with coaching

Matty Johns, James Hooper and Paul Kent rip through another full rundown.
They compare coaching in today’s day and age, up against the glory days, look at Valentine Holmes signing with the Jets, what’s going wrong at both big Queensland clubs and look at some of the greatest halves the game has ever seen.
Here’s the timeline:
-Valentine Holmes detail (3:00)
-The Cowboys’ Holmes plans dashed (9:00)
-‘“It’s worrying that your confidence player is a ‘worrier’” – Michael Morgan and North Queensland missing a chief play-maker (12:30)
-Mal Meninga’s player attitude theory (13:30)
-The time Matty and Joey got construction jobs. It lasted an hour (16:30)
-Hoops reveals a feud between Michael ‘Madge’ Maguire and Anthony Seibold (the coaches face off in Thursday Night Football) (17:00)
-What’s going wrong with the Broncos (19:30)
-What surprised Matty about Milford when they trained together (22:00)
-The Esan Marsters’ goal-kicking oxymoron (27:30)
-A gun’s training secret: How Darryl Halligan learnt to eat pressure (29:00)
-What Matty liked about Nathan Cleary’s game against the Tigers (31:30)
-The possibility of Tim Sheens going to the Sharks – ‘I’d have him out there in a tracksuit.’ (32:00)
-Matty’s problem with coaching these days (34:00)
-‘It was rugby league perfection’ – the 2005 Tigers (36:00)
-How good is ‘Leipana’ (39:30)
-Cooper Cronk’s greatness (43:00)
-Matty on Joey’s greatness as a half and who was a key influencer in their younger years (51:00)
-How Matty used to judge his games golf-style (52:00)
-Why Tommy Raudonikis should be in ‘the greatest’ conversation – Kenty (54:00)
-Round 5 Tips (59:00)
-Kenty’s Feud in Focus: Wayne vs. Gus (1:01:00)
-The Jack Gibson coaching style vs. the Warren Ryan style (1:04:00)

Source: The Matty Johns Podcast
'Worries' in Queensland | Cronk, Joey and Tommy's greatness | Matty's problem with coaching

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